Sell Your Car to Moran Chevrolet Fort Gratiot

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When you are ready to move on from your current car, you’ll want to get rid of it as soon as possible. With the used car market extremely hot right now, Moran Chevrolet Fort Gratiot makes it easy for you to sell your car to us! You can even get an offer in minutes and then you will have a choice to either come to us with your car or we can come to you to get it. Find out more below to see just how easy it is! 

Perks of Selling Your Car to Moran Chevrolet Fort Gratiot

There are several dealerships in the Port Huron area that you can work with, but Moran Chevrolet Fort Gratiot has the upper hand when we can give you all of these exclusive perks: 

  • We will pay top dollar for your car. Depending on the condition of your car, we will even be willing to pay more than the estimated market value! 
  • We will buy your car whether you want to buy a car from us or not. 
  • You have a Toyota? A Jeep? An Ashton Martin? It doesn’t matter. We will take it! 
  • Even if you are still making payments, we will still be happy to buy it! 
  • We will offer you a quote in minutes while other nearby dealerships will take hours. If you are going to sell it on your own, you can expect months. Days, if you’re lucky. 
  • We only need simple information and a few photos to give you a quote.

Stop by with your car for an appraisal or get started online with the following instructions.

How to Trade In Your Car 

To trade in your Marysville ride to Moran Chevrolet Fort Gratiot online, you will need to do the following: 

  1. Enter in basic information on your car: VIN, license plate number, make, model, etc.
  2. Enter information about your car’s condition. 
  3. Upload a few photos of your vehicle.
  4. Get an offer based on Blue Book Values in minutes. 
  5. Compare it to the estimated trade-in value to see if it’s a fair offer.
  6. Drive your car to Moran Chevrolet Fort Gratiot or ask us to meet up with you near Lake Port and we can fetch it from you!

We Will Buy Your Car!

We are beyond excited to take your car off your hands and find it a new home! Get started today and contact us with any questions.